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Gynecological Oncology Cancer Center in Dubai
State of the art highly advanced gynecological Center by the highest standard team with western qualifications with intra operative ultrasound utilization, with minimal invasive approach and outpatient/ Day care surgery using update international protocols

Ovarian Cancer Dubai

Ovarian Cancer Testing Center in DubaiThese high standard difficult cases are discussed by high caliber �MULTIDISCIPLINARY TEAM� including Gynecological surgeons, Radiologist, Pathologist, Medical Oncologist, Radiation Oncologist, Surgical Oncologist, Supportive Team and Molecular Genetics Team , who meet on weekly regular basis.

Plastic surgery reconstruction, includingflaps whether rotation or free vascular flap are integral part of our center.

Points of Interest to Patients

  • International high standard care for gynecologic cancer
  • Latest updates on guidelines in gynecology cancer treatment
  • Accurate diagnosis, latest advanced surgical techniques, leading-edge targeted treatments
  • Multidisciplinary team work and decisions
  • Center of excellence for gynecologic oncology cases
  • Minimalinvasive surgery with shorter hospital stay and quicker recovery
  • Complicated cases of ovarian and cervical cancer
  • Treating cases of recurrent gynecologic cancers.
  • Expert center for gynecologic cancers and second opinion on complicated cases
  • High risk patients and surgeries in cancer patients
  • Intraoperative frozen section evaluation
  • Debulking surgery for ovarian cancer and iliac and paraaortic lymph nodes dissection
  • Radical hysterectomy for cervical cancer with lymph nodes dissection
  • Trachelectomy for early cervical cancer treatment
  • Adjuvant and neoadjuvant chemotherapy and radiotherapy for gynecologic cancers
  • Genetic testing for familial ovarian cancer predisposition
  • HIPC (Heated Intra Peritoneal Chemo perfusion) for advanced cases of ovarian cancer
  • Special post operative care for patients by a dedicated team specially trained for oncology post operative care
  • Special post operative pain management plan.

Gynecological Oncology Pictures of Recently Performed Surgeries

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Gynecological Oncology